Enterprise Output Management

Methoda offers a comprehensive consulting package, in collaboration with Prime Squared, that is professional and objective, designed to handle the organization’s challenges in managing outputs

Procurement and equipment policy

  • The procurement and equipment policy stems from the output policy, and its objectives are to bring about uniformity in the organization’s equipment setup, in order to reduce inventory and maintenance cost,
  • to make procurement and maintenance easier, and
  • to make the systems easier to use for the end-user.

Equipment deployment policy

  • The output policy and the procurement and equipment policies influence the deployment policy by creating the right balance in the scope of equipment required by the organization and by matching it to the departments and tasks,
  • defining in detail the organizational equipment to ensure its fit with the organization and its physical layout, and
  • adjusting the output equipment for local needs.

Consultation Life Cycle


Methoda, in collaboration with Prime2, offers a comprehensive, professional, and objective consulting package designed to handle the organization’s challenges in managing outputs.

Enterprise output management is a rapidly evolving space, in which a variety new printers with advanced features blur the lines between copying machines, scanners, and faxes. As a result, the equipment procurement decision, management, and deployment throughout the organization has become more complex.

Faced with the need to provide reliable and controlled printing to support business processes, the expenditure on office printing continues to grow every year, and organizations are powerless to curtail the rise in expenses and users’ requirements. Managing the printing process must ensure that the only documents printed are those that cannot be accessed digitally (e.g. e-mail or on-screen electronic report), that each document is sent to the write printer, that the appropriate paper is being used, that printer settings are correct (e.g. print quality, double sided printing, etc.), and that documents are printed according to plan. The most cost effective page is an unprinted page!

The objectives of the process are:

  • to reduce total cost of ownership (TCOP) of the organizational output array, typically by 30% or more,
  • to use existing printing equipment efficiently – printers, copiers, and faxes, effective immediately,
  • to command and control, manage, and set policies that will remain relevant for at least 3-5 years,
  • to improve service level for end-users,
  • to reduce the burden on support personnel,
  • to increase the work efficiency and satisfaction of end users, and
  • to improve the working environment as relates to office equipment.

Methoda’s services include:

  • surveying the current status, assessing the current expenses and expected savings,
  • preparing a request for proposal and selecting an output providers,
  • supervising the output provider during the transition period, and regular auditing of bills.

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