C4J - Confluence Page Display In Jira

C4J is an app for Jira Server and Data Center.

Its goal is to increase users’ productivity and content usability for all users of Jira.


With C4J you can easily see the linked Confluence page while working on your Jira Issue. C4J helps Jira users to see the most up-to-date version of the linked specifications documented in Confluence. No need to switch Apps!


  • C4J shows the Confluence page automatically and will focus on the exact location of the Jira issue mentioned.
  • The C4J section allows you to browse through multiple confluence pages which includes the Jira issue.
  • Use C4J to Insert into Jira issue any content supported by Confluence: Gadgets, Filters, Diagrams, Roadmaps, and more.


C4J also facilitates the process of change management:

The page preview section in issue view will change its color in case the current version of the linked confluence page is newer than its version on the last time you viewed the issue.

By choosing “compare changes”, you’ll see the page comparison view showing the differences between the current version of the page and the last version you saw.

By choosing “acknowledge”, you’ll accept the changes, and the color of Page Preview panel will back to white again.

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