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Rapid changes to development methodologies, the emergence of new tools and DevOps, are generating swift and major changes in the ways we manage our tests and quality. The new test management paradigm requires smart, automated and reliable tests. The main drivers are:

  • Enabling Real Agility – Testing must be automated with extensive coverage to enable real Agile work, enabling teams to deliver fast, small changes to production over time.
  • Product and Non-technical Teams Require More Transparent Work –Your product and business teams need better understanding of your tests and test results.
  • Full Regression and End-to-End Tests are Mandatory – Your users and customers require higher quality whilst complexity is growing fast. This combination requires a highly automated, solid E2E test to ensure speed does not compromise quality.
  • Tests Need to Cover Infrastructure to Ensure Your Service is Highly Available– As your infrastructure proceeds faster with Dockers, Kubernetes, Cloud services, Micro Services and other infrastructure as a software, better tools are needed  to ensure your infrastructure is powerful, efficient and resilient.
  • Measure and Track your Tests – Use real-time dashboards and calculated KPI’s to measure, track and visualize your test status, and allowing technical and business leaders to make task decisions combining quality data with what?.
  • Ensure Compliance – As various standards are becoming critical to your success, you must ensurecompliance by implementing full test coverage at each requirement level, as well as coverage to each feature and technical item. Get fast and reliable traceability of quality and test coverages on all your components and changes.

The Solution

A modern test management solution requires a combination of automation tools, easy setup and recording of tests and well-organized management of all tests needed in one central management infrastructure.

  • Automation on all levels: Unit, feature, end-to-end and infrastructure
  • Exploratory testing: Where automation is limited, define and use exploratory methods.
  • Simple recording of all tests and test results, automated and manual, in a single repository.
  • Easily link test to requirements and features.
  • Provide advanced dashboards and data analysis to all stakeholders.

Use Jira as your main Repository, combining various add-ons such as Xray, Zephyr, TestRail, Qmetry and others.

Migrate from any Legacy system

Our team has performed dozens of migrations from multiple tools and technologies. Regardless of whether it is based on custom data export, CSV or integration plug-ins, our team will design and implement an optimal migration path suitable for your needs.

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