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Methoda “rolls up sleeves”. We not only advise the organization what to do and improve methodologies, infrastructure and procedures. We “shrug” and assist in practice: in the practical push of the project, in the construction, design and control of all the systems development and maintenance processes of the organization using advanced ALM / PPM tools such as Atlassian and Jira in particular. Everything according to the nature and needs of the organization.

PMO in the Agile Development Environmemt

Methoda offers a wide range of advanced PMO services to organizations that seek to improve their project management practices and ensure that they are implemented in practice.

The company has extensive experience in establishing and staffing many PMO units in many organizations.

We implement PMO services according to advanced methodologies such as Agile, Devops, Less, SaFe, Lean alongside traditional methods. Implementation is possible at various levels, from the individual project to a cross-sectional view of all projects and tasks and the entire process taking place in the organization at the same time. PMO department staff at Methoda’s consulting division combine a wealth of experience with modern computer tools, including Atlassian tools in general and the Jira platform in particular, and practical knowledge of up-to-date and agile methodologies for implementing PMO processes in organizations.

Methoda Services

Below is a partial list of possible services, from light to heavy, from the single project to the entire organization. From this list, the specific service of each organization and project will be composed according to its nature and needs:

  • Assistance in managing and controlling a specific project: meeting goals, resources or schedules.
  • Definition and realization of goals, metrics, dashboards and effective project control methods.
  • Assistance to the project manager on a variety of topics, such as performing reviews and surveys, vendor and subcontractor control, alternative analysis, cost estimation, configuration management, risk management and more.
  • Assistance in management and control and work plans for specific organization / department (EPMO)
  • Building and operating PPM (Project Portfolio Management) in departments, divisions or throughout the organization
  • Assisting the organization in setting up or upgrading PMO / OCIO bodies with advanced tools such as Atlassian and its partners: Jira, Confluence, EasyBI, Xray, Structure, Tempo, BitBucket and more.
  • Implementing PMO services in the Agile world while enhancing the Agile management concept
  • Training and promoting the self-management concept
  • Managing integration and communication between teams
  • Consultancy in a variety of infrastructure and development and management platforms.


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