Jcreate - Requirements Management for Confluence and Jira

Jcreate is an app for Confluence Server and Data Center.
Its goal is to enable organizations to implement requirements management processes within Confluence and Jira:

  • Use Confluence’s powerful editor and customized templates to create your PRDs in Confluence
  • Use Jcreate to turn your requirements to issues in Jira, linked to your content
  • Use Jira to manage your requirements and build your roadmap
  • Implement your requirements and trace them, create a hierarchy of issues attached to your original PRD

With Jcreate, you can Create & Edit & View Jira issues in one click – Jcreate provides confluence users the full Jira experience by presenting the full issue create or edit screens, including required fields or other customizations as these standard scenarios are not supported out-of-the-box. all fields are supported (see supported fields).

With Jlabel, you can turn your document into an issue in Jira in an instant, all you need to do is to add a label to your page or template and a new issue will be created, linked to your page

By turning your pages to a hierarchy of issues in Jira, you can ensure that your documents are aligned with issues in Jira, taking a part of your roadmap.

With Jmacro, you can add a ‘create’ button to any confluence page allowing users to create issues in Jira, while the project & issue types are pre-selected.

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