Agile and Scaled Agile

Methoda provides expert consultation, tools and service for implementing Agile at Scale. We combine thorough knowledge and understanding of various Scaled Agile methods with extensive past experience in order to ensure your success in expanding Agile to an enterprise grade.


What do we do?

  • Combine all leading Agile methods
  • Provide discovery and in-depth understanding of your corporate culture, values and goals
  • Gap analysis and new process definition
  • Create a plan tailored to each team – per evolution stage, per country , per discipline
  • Personal coaching to ensure change success
  • Help you define  your own tools


Implement Jira and Confluence to Support your Scales Agile needs

  • Manage and Track OKR’s
  • Create initiatives and product backlog using Confluence and Jira
  • Manage custom hierarchy
  • Create PI and PI Planning
  • Manage dependencies
  • Manage resources
  • Track PI using PI KPI’s


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