Jira Service Management

Jira Service Management is a sophisticated comprehensive solution for managing service desks

Jira Service Management is a sophisticated comprehensive solution for managing service desks, which incorporates advanced SLAs, queue management, customization, real-time reporting, and automated prioritization, based on levels of severity and urgency. The tool enables tracking and control, from the moment a ticket is opened, over the entire lifecycle until it is closed.

An intuitive and easy to use interface lets clients contact support with ease. Each support request triggers automated searches of the knowledge base in order to provide an immediate solution.

Jira Service management enables optimal service desk management, with the following features:

Manage the support team with customized queue generation. Each request is routed to the appropriate place in the queue, based on predefined rules.

Predefine service level agreements (SLAs) that enable quality service, based on the service level agreed upon with the company.

View a variety of real-time reports, Jira Service Management identifies, analyzes, and reports with flexible reporting and BI tools.

Predefine support ticket types with a simple process. Each support ticket type is mapped to an internal process, containing data fields that are visible to clients and hidden from internal users.

Automatically generate databases based on the Confluence Wiki engine.

Methoda Offers:

  • Acquire the licenses,
  • investigate the existing status and helps to define the system requirements,
  • implement the solution,
  • install and customize the solution, and
  • train users.

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