Infrastructure and IaaS

Our consulting is unique in its mix of knowledgeability, practical experience, methodology, service orientation/ETiaS, and of course objectivity (always in the benefit of the client).

Infrastructure is the foundation for IT services, and therefore must be reliable and effective, so that it can function as an enabler for IT systems and for improvement of business process and the creation of added value.

  • Methoda will help you to build an array that effectively and beneficially integrates intra-organizational infrastructure with cloud infrastructure,
  • to leverage the quality array for the benefit of the operations and infrastructure world,
  • to lead a change in the perception of IT infrastructure from overhead to value.

Methoda offers the following services in this area:

  • strategic consulting on the master infrastructure plan and infrastructure policy,
  • architecture planning on communications and information security, virtualization, servers, storage, etc.
  • shortening TTM in the DevOps approach,
  • preparing specifications and tenders, guidance in the realization, and supervision of external providers,
  • assessment in order to improve infrastructure or a service, and
  • technical documentation of the product, infrastructure portal, procedures, and work instructions.




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