Complete End to End ALM and DevOps Solutions

What do we do?

Requirements and Ideation management

Define your product and business requirement using best-of-breed tools and methods. Improve your strategic control and ensure clear communication to all stakeholders. Collect, manage and track ideas and requirements within a clear process for prioritization and execution


Portfolio Planning and Management

Manage your product and projects portfolio to ensure clear and accurate tracking of your portfolio. Plan timelines and resources in Agile, Waterfall or Hybrid. Track your KPI’s: Progress, Time, Resources and Risks in a single and unified platform.


Development and Team work

Optimize your team’s management, delivery and quality. Implement the latest Agile Scrum or Kanban processes adapted to the specific needs of each team while ensuring unified reporting and tracking. Empower team managers by managing development tasks, defects, infrastructure tasks, manual and automated tests, CI/CD and more, all fully integrated to achieve more automated and easier to use ALM, while ensuring reliable status information.


Testing and QA

Defining your test strategy and quality needs. Implement a set of tools to ensure automated, easy to manage, testing pipeline. Track test coverage, execution and traceability. Connect tests and test results to your entire ALM from coverage on a feature or story level, to clear E2E status in your portfolio.

Service Management

Empower end-users, both external and internal customers, by providing a cutting-edge service portal and tools, while maintaining full integration with your internal development teams to enable a direct connection between service request to actual code deployment.

Manage services, changes and incidents while automating repetitive tasks and reducing service load using powerful Knowledge Base and clear communication of all changes in every deployed environment.


Knowledge and Communication Management

Initiate a culture of knowledge sharing among teams and team members. By acquiring deep understanding of each team’s operation, practices and culture, we help teams integrate knowledge recording and sharing as a natural part of their day-to-day activities, from product specs to code and from ideas to tips and best practices. We focus on teams as the main target to generate organizational KM culture.


Git and CI/CD

Define unified methods and tools for managing your code. From branching methodology to code review processes. Define your pull requests and integrate tools for static code analysis and code security. Implement CI/CD or Pipelines to ensure automated integrations and deployment, all well- connected to your entire ALM.


Reporting, Tracking and Analytics

Define your OKR’s or KPI’s and enable data-driven decision making at all management levels, from tracking teams’ capacity and progress to automated alerts identifying bottlenecks and risks. Create dedicated BI and dashboards for your ALM and DevOps, or connect to your data lake or corporate analytics platform.

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