Project Management Workshop In A Dynamic Changing World

An advanced and focused workshop combining Technology with Methodology. This is our specialty!

Jira Methoda University

  • Technology – Presentation of advanced Project Management & ALM tools for the management and rapid and effective promotion of projects and products/systems. Tools that promote teamwork, efficient processes, effectiveness in managing requirements and tasks, administrative efficiency for planning and monitoring execution, tools for analyzing alternatives, risk management, testing, documentation, etc.
  • Methodology – Study agile and advanced methods such as: Agile, Scrum alongside more traditional methods, in organizations that are committed to more structured life cycles, for Project Management and Realization, presenting ways to form quick and high-quality life cycles.

Purpose: The purpose of the workshop is to learn how to combine these two components while adapting them to the various types of projects and the nature of the organization and its clients, and at the same time, acquiring skills in Agile project management while integrating important methodological issues, such as: Project Life Cycles, Portfolio Management, Requirements Definition, Client/User Participation, Quick Design and Component-Based Documentation, effective Management Of Requests For Proposals/Tenders, Supplier Management, methodological transition from stage to stage in projects, Testing, Delivery to Production, monitoring and control of internal and external projects and much more.

The lecturer in the workshop: Haim Levy VP, Consultant and Senior Lecturer with over 30 years of experience in accompanying and implementing advanced project management tools and methodologies and IT units among many organizations.

Workshop Duration: 5 full days. The contents of the workshop can be adjusted according to the needs of a particular customer (subject to a minimum number of participants).


  • Basic principles in Project Management and the complexity of management in the organization
  • Reputation and expectations of the project manager
  • Internal and external organizational communication
  • Agile and traditional methodologies, and advanced methods for adapting the methodology to the project
  • Project Initiation phase: Mapping stakeholders/parties involved (organizational interfaces) and Alternatives Analysis
  • Content Management: Business Requirements/Requirements Engineering, specification of needs and emphasis for Content Management
  • Project planning: Budget, Human Resources, Timetable/Gantt preparation, Content, Quality
  • Approval of transition from stage to stage and management of reviews, gates and project forums
  • Testing in the traditional world and in the agile world
  • Risk Management
  • Working with suppliers and sub-contractors
  • Delivery Management
  • Change Management

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