Structure for Jira Training

This training covers the Structure for Jira App, Inside out. It is based on tons of experience implementing the app in large enterprises. The training is full of live demos, examples, and answers to questions. Don’t miss this course if you really want to get the most out of this app and extract great business benefits that it can provide.

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Training is on-demand. total of 6 hours of video that you can watch at your own pace from any place. Plus 1 hour of live Q&A.

The training is delivered in English.

Price for the on-demand training is 350$ + VAT

Discounts apply for 5 registrants or more from the same company in the same purchase order. Ask for this discount in the registration request.

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Introduction and Quick Start

  • Examples of use cases for Structures: Backlog grooming, PI/Version Planning with Capacity, Portfolio Management
  • Quick start: Create new Structure, Insert Issues, Create view, Set Permissions
  • Pin Selected Item, Multi-selection operations
  • Menus and Layouts
  • Dashboard Gadget

Creating Structures

  • Insert Manually
  • Search and Add
  • Create new issue/folder/memo
  • Insert Automation/Generator
  • Insert automation under a folder
  • Performance considerations
  • Allow Manual Adjustments


  • Add Columns
  • Pin Column
  • Save As
  • Horizontal Scrolling
  • Share view
  • Set as default view
  • Column Types


  • Set permission level
  • Apply permissions from another Structure


  • Inserting issues and types of generators
  • Filter
  • Sort
  • Group
  • Allow changes via Structure
  • Group by Version Name/Sprint Name
  • Extend

Search, Filter and Transformations

  • Text/JQL/S-JQL filter
  • Transformations and Quick Transformations


  • Formula editor
  • Mapping variables
    • Columns as Variables
    • Bundled Formulas
  • Wiki Markup in Formulas


  • Attribute to Issue Field Effector
  • Status Rollup Effector
  • Running an Effector
  • Run all Effectors
  • Revert Effector Changes
  • Manage Effectors
  • Scheduled run of effectors (using Script Runner)

Related Apps and Integrations

  • Structure Gantt
  • Structure Pages
  • Script Runner
  • Xray
  • Tempo Timesheet

The course syllabus was reviewed and approved by Tempo



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