Confluence Admin Training

The course contains all the main topics that you need to know in order to get started as a Confluence Administrator

Confluence Methoda University


  • The Confluence Admin training is available on-demand (watch in your own pace).
  • The training includes 3 sessions of about 3 hours each, total of about 9 hours of recorded content, plus 2 hours of live Questions and Answers with a Confluence Admin expert.
  • The course is delivered in English.
  • Price per participant for on-demand training: 650$.
  • Discounts apply for 5 participants or more from the same company in the same purchase order (please specify number of registrants in the course registration form below).

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  • Introduction and Overview
  • Admin Subjects:
    • Confluence Architecture (overview)
    • Create Space and Copy Space
    • Confluence Admin vs. Space Admin
    • Users Management
    • Global & Space Permissions, Page restrictions
    • Public Links
    • Global Settings
    • Site/Space Backup and Restore
    • Migration from Server to Cloud
    • Application Links
    • Manage Apps, tips for selecting Apps from the Marketplace, examples of some  Apps
    • Scripting/Automation
    • Logs (Audit Logs, Confluence Logs)
    • Analytics
    • Admin Features of Confluence Cloud Premium Subscription
  • Content Related Subjects
    • Global/Space Templates & Blueprints
    • Space content tools (e.g.: orphaned pages, undefined pages, attachments, trash)
    • Configuring Look & Feel at Space and Global Level
    • Useful macros, content reuse
    • Using Attachments, Macros for Attachments
    • Advanced search: Confluence Query Language (CQL)
    • Configuring Export to PDF
    • Managing Labels




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