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Methoda provides a service to upgrade the organizational forms

Methoda provides a service to upgrade the organizational forms

  • Characterization and design of Office (Word, Excel) or PDF forms
  • Detailed characterization of forms designed for digitization.
  • For government offices, characterization to support form development in an “Open Government”

In addition, Methoda supports the development and testing process for digitized forms.

Forms form an integral part of work processes in every organization. Forms are a user interface (internal or external client) to start a process with people in the organization or with a computerized system that accepts the forms’ input.

Organizations today web forms for citizens or customers to fill, for inquiries, requests, permits, complaints, submission of affidavits, and more. In addition, organizations employ forms for internal use on their organizational portals for internal use.

Quality forms contribute to the work of those filling the form and those receiving the form data, which is why each form must be planned

What we suggest:

  • Methoda maps, analyzes, and defines both internal external and internal forms, including mapping key organizational processes for the relevant organizational units that will process the request,
  • identifying and recommending forms to cancel,
  • identifying and recommending forms to merge,
  • identifying and recommending missing forms to incorporate in the organization’s processes.
  • validating recommendations with unit managers regarding the content and structure of forms,
  • designing a template (templates) and recommending a standardized structure for all organizational forms,
  • analyzing the work flow for each form, from the perspective of those submitting the forms and making recommendations regarding the form’s structure, to make it easier for users and recepients, and
  • for digitizing forms – designing online forms for implementation (detailing the structure of the form, required fields, values, mandatory fields, field and form validations, etc.) and incorporating the forms in the organization’s existing IT (mapping form fields to fields in database tables).

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