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MethodAgile is a framework for overall IT management in organizations, spanning the project level to the organizational level

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MethodAgile is a framework for overall IT management in organizations, spanning the project level to the organizational level.

At the project level (individual system), MethodAgile defines the management, development, maintainance, and operation of IT systems of any type and scope – systems under development, systems being maintained, IT systems and infrastructure systems, complete system or “lean” system, tailored turnkey systems or off-the-shelf software sold and installed with minor adjustments and customization.

At the organizational level, MethodAgile provides methods and tools for executive management, including annual work plans, project tracking (PMO), management of requirements and tasks, overall information management (OCIO), and overall strategic planning or oursourcing.

At both levels, the project and the organizational level, the MethodAgile approach represents both a framework and an open methodology. In other words, MethodAgile provides extensive and comprehensive knowledge and clear guidelines for project management, yet leaves a wide berth for adjustments and changes, enabling the organization to incorporate its policies with MethodAgile.

At the project/system level

MethodAgile defines how to manage, develop, and maintain IT systems of any type and scope:

  • IT systems
  • Infrastructure systems
  • Self-developed systems
  • Off the shelf systems

MethodAgile outlines the steps and expected deliverables throughout the project lifecycle – from initiation and characterization of the system, to design and build (or procure and customize), to systems tests, to installation, operation, and maintenance.

In addition, MethodAgile provides crucial tools covering the entire application lifecycle (ALM), including:

  • Risk management
  • Survey review
  • Work plan
  • Cost assessment
  • Alternative analysis
  • Documentation management
  • Configuration management
  • Human-machine interface
  • Information security
  • Time and team management
  • Measurement, KPIs, and more.

These tools are incorporated in the MethodAgile framework in the form of advanced Excel tools and work templates. In addition, they are incorporated in modern development platforms, such as Atlassian tools (Jira) and others.


Infrastructure systems

MethodAgile offers specialized kits devoted to infrastructure system management: characterization, need definition, financial-technological justification, specification writing, procurement management, support for implementation and realization, and support for ongoing management. Traditional infrastructure systems also supported by Method’s specialists include:

  • Migration of infrastructure to the cloud (private or public)
  • User and identity management
  • Command and control systems
  • Reduction in printing
  • BCP/DRP emergency planning
  • Policy documents (regulatory requirements)
  • Outsourcing of every type

At the organizational level

MethodAgile provides an array of methods and tools designed for senior managers charged with understanding the entire organizational picture of both IT and the overall organization. This includes:

  • Annual work plan
  • Strategic planning (IT blueprint)
  • Organizational structure
  • Overall quality
  • Outsourcing
  • Infrastructure management
  • Production management, and more

Trying MethodAgile

cloud_trans MethodAgile CloudThis website is an open verson of MethodAgile and is designed to introduce users to the methodology and for trial use.

Some parts of the methodology are not fully activated.

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