Jira Service Management Admin Training

This training contains all the necessary topics that you need to know in order to be a professional Jira Service Management (JSM) Administrator.

Jira Methoda University

  • The training will be delivered via Zoom, in 4 sessions of 4 hours each, total of 16 academic hours.
  • Specific dates have not be set yet, please register and you will be added to the standby list. Register at the link below.
  • We can deliver this training on-site (for minimum of 5 participants) at your offices, and tailor the syllabus per your needs. Fill out a registration form and tell us about your need.
  • The training will be delivered in Hebrew, but can also be delivered in English if all participants speak English.
  • During the training the participants will do several hands-on exercises.
  • Price for one participant: 3,800 NIS  + VAT
  • Discount apply for 5 participants or more from the same company in the same purchase order (please specify number of registrants in the registration form below).
  • Note that this training doesn’t include training about OpsGenie for OPS Management. Training for this product will be provided separately. If you’re interested, please let us know in the Registration Request form below.
  • Prerequisite for the training familiarity with Jira as a regular user

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Day 1


  • Overview of Jira Service Management (JSM)
  • Key concepts and terminology
  • Optimization of JSM usage in your organization

JSM Architecture Overview

  • Agent Side vs Customer Side
  • JSM Project Configuration
  • Creating and managing request types based on service needs
  • Screen and Fields Configuration

Customer Portal

  • Design and configure customer portal with a relevant look & feel
  • Configure layouts

Service Process Management with JSM Lifecycle

  • Workflow definition and setup
  • Configure Conditions, Validators, Post Functions, Triggers
  • Configure Approvals in the workflow
  • Configuring efficient approval workflows

Improving Services with JSM Features

  • Queues – Creating and managing queues for streamlined task handling
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA) – Defining SLA metrics and goals
  • Boards – Setting up boards for visualizing and managing work
  • Configuring Notifications
  • Configuring Escalations

Automation Rules

  • JSM Automations – Implementing automated processes/actions
  • Customizing automation rules
  • Smart Values – Leveraging smart values for dynamic and more complex automation rules

Change Management

  • Change Requests – Managing changes with structured change requests
  • Approvals – Configuring approval processes for changes
  • Deployment Tracking – Monitoring and tracking changes through deployment
  • Change Calendar – Utilizing change calendars for visibility

Collaboration and Communication

  • Configuring integration of JSM with MS Teams/Slack
  • Internal management (comments, workflow, internal knowledge base articles) between agents

Day 2


  • AI Virtual Agent Overview – Understanding the role of AI in JSM
  • Define and Set up Intents – Configuring AI intents for efficient issue resolution
  • Configure Standard Flows – Establishing standard AI workflows for common scenarios


  • Form Configuration
  • Customizing forms for specific data capture
  • Dynamic Fields – Creating dynamic fields for flexible form responses

Knowledge Base

  • Knowledge Base Setup – Building and organizing a knowledge base
  • Linking Knowledge Base Spaces to JSM – Connecting knowledge base articles to JSM for easy access
  • Reports and Dashboards – Analyzing knowledge base effectiveness with reports and dashboards

JSM & Jira Software Integration

  • Escalating a ticket to Linked JSW Issues
  • Automations and Updates – Automating updates and actions between JSM and Jira Software

Popular JSM Apps

Introduction to the following JSM popular apps:

  • Extension for JSM
  • Script Runner
  • Refined

Asset Management (CMDB)

  • Asset Schemes – Creating schemes for organized asset management
  • Asset Attributes – Defining attributes for detailed asset information
  • Asset Discovery and Import
  • AQL (Asset Query Language) – Using AQL for advanced asset queries
  • Asset Management and JSM Integration – Integrating assets seamlessly into JSM processes
  • Asset Management Reports

Tracking  & Monitoring – Reports and Dashboards

  • Built-in and Custom Reports in JSM
  • Designing custom reports for specific insights
  • Creating a Dashboard with Gadgets, visualize key metrics
  • BI Apps for JSM Reports (e.g., eazyBI, Custom Charts)


  • Recap of Key Concepts
  • Fill feedback questionnaire


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