Jira Admin Training

This course contains all the main topics that you need to know in order to get started as a Jira Administrator. The course is divided into two main parts: Basic Jira Admin with many hands-on exercises, and advanced Jira Admin.

Jira Methoda University

  • The Jira Admin training is our top selling and most popular admin training. We trained over 120 Jira Admins!
  • The training is available on-demand (watch in your own pace, in Hebrew). Total of 20 hours of recorded content plus 4 hours of live Questions and Answers with a Jira Admin expert.
  • We also plan to deliver the training live at end of 2022 (with minimum of 10 registrants).  Please register if you are interested.
  • The training is delivered in Hebrew.
  • Price per participant for on-demand training: Basic part: $720, Advanced part: $520, Both parts: $1,240.
  • Price per participant for the live training: Basic part: $1,190, Advanced part: $820, Both parts: $2,010.
  • Discounts apply for 5 participants or more from the same company in the same purchase order (please specify number of registrants in the course registration form below).
  • Participants can choose to participate in one or both of the parts. Participation in only the advanced part requires a good understanding of the topics covered in the basic part.
  • Prerequisite for course registration – Minimal familiarity with Jira as a regular user

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Basic – Part 1 (two half days)

  • Basic Concepts in Jira
  • Common Design Patterns
  • Basic configurable entities: Custom Fields, Screens, Issues Types
  • Workflows
  • Schemes
  • Shared Configuration
  • Homework

Basic – Part 2 (two half days)

  • Users, Groups, Roles, Permission Scheme
  • Application Access
  • Global Permissions
  • Public Access
  • Issue Security Scheme
  • Field Configuration Scheme & Field Context
  • Notifications Scheme, Events
  • Homework

Participants are expected to perform exercises (homework) after each part. Performing the exercises is necessary for a full understanding of the material

Advanced – Part 3 (Two half days)

  • Jira System Architecture: Server, Data Center, Cloud
  • Backup & Restore
  • Export/Import
  • Deployment process (from test to prod)
  • Common Errors and Problems when installing/upgrade
  • Jira Monitoring (Server, DC, Cloud)
  • Long Term Support (LTS) Releases
  • Connecting to a User Directory
    • Cloud SAML and Azure AD Integration
  • Jira Automation
  • Jira Script Runner add-on and Groovy Scripts
    • Scripted Field
    • Listeners
    • Workflow elements
    • Script fragment
    • Behaviors
    • Jobs
    • Scripts in the Cloud
  • Jira and Bitbucket/Git Integration
  • Jira Confluence Integration

Advanced – Part 4 (half day)

  • Scrum Boards, Kanban Boards
  • Jira Service Management
  • Popular Apps
  • REST API and Web Hooks
  • Advanced JQL
  • CSV Import Tips

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