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With 35 years of hands-on experience, working with global leaders – We improve Enterprise IT and Development processes using state-of-the-art tools and expert consulting.
As an Atlassian Enterprise Platinum Solution Partner, we provide a complete set of expert level services for the entire Atlassian product line.

Methoda offers clients a broad range of tools and services, which integrate technology and methodology.
Software development and IT management stand on two pillars:

  •  Technology – using the most advanced software development tools and IT management platforms and applications; technologies that promote team work, task management, requirement tracking, configuration management, automated tests, and more.
  • Methodology – using advanced software development methods: Agile, DevOps, Less for formulate fast high quality lifecycle management (ALM), lean methologies, and more, alongside support for more traditional methods at organizations, which require more structured lifecycles.

Striking the appropriate balance between these two crucial components for each client and his projects is key to achieving the competitive advantage that client is seeking – fast high quality development of IT systems and applications that support his business goals.

Methoda helps its clients realize their vision for agile, high quality, sustainable software development and IT management. All of Methoda’s activities are focused on supporting its clients’ core business proceses to help them become leaders in their respective industries. Methoda invests considerable internal resources to maintain internal knowledge and nurture its experts until they become elite professionals.

Background and a bit of history

Methoda was founded in 1984 by Asher Yuval, who is the company’s Chairman. Yaniv Shoshani is the company’s CEO. Alongside them, works a select team of senior managers and officers that complement each other’s capabilities. Methoda comprises more than 70 employees: Atlassian architects and developers and implementers, IT experts from all disciplines, industrial engineers, systems analysts and experienced project managers. The company’s professional team provides a broad range of solutions for software development, software quality management, project management, systems analysis, training and certification according to Israeli and international quality standards and regulatory requirements.

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