Applications Life-Cycle

Methoda Computers has extensive experience with modern computerized tools and methodologies for managing software development and maintenance. Based on this solid foundation, Methoda assists the many organizations to build their ALM (Application Life-cycle Management) suits them

Methoda is highly experienced with modern computerized tools and the latest Agile methods and methodologies to manage and maintain software. With this foundation, Methoda has helped and continues to help many organizations to develop their own application lifecycle management (ALM).

  • Various Agile methodologies (Scrum, Kanban, and more),
  • DevOps,
  • Agile for large projects (Large Scale Scrum, Less),
  • Hybrid methods that incorporate traditional with Agile development.

The organization may even adopt a number of “lifecycles” based on the types of applications of the scope of their projects.

Methoda’s own methodology incorporates the best practices of traditional systems analysis with the Agile world. On one hand, we avoid over-characterization before the start of development (which contradicts Agile principles); and on the other hand, we don’t waive a quick high level characterization that best defines the scope of the system, the business value, the business and technological risk, and presents the concept and the big picture. This computerized methodology also helps to prevent a “disconnect” between the characteristics that appear in the high level characterization and the actual development during sprints. How do you keep the most up to date high level characterization with minimum overhead, throughout the dynamic and varying development?

Methoda’s computerized methodology (Spec2Dev) is based on the use of advanced tools by Atlassian: Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Easybi, and more, but can be realized with any set of modern tools for software development. The methodology can be adjusted for any organization that wishes to use Agile together with initiation and high level characterization. The methodology is appropriate for both new and for development of major upgrades and improvements in existing systems. The “secret” of Methoda’s methodology is managing the software in three parallel axes:

  • The development activities axis is managed in Jira.
  • The knowledge and documentation axis is managed in Confluence.
  • The prototype is developed using an evolutionary prototype approach.

The level of investment and the allocation of resources among the three axis is up to the organization to decide, especially in regards to the investment in managing and maintaining knowledge and in documentation, in relation to the other two axes.



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