Agile Testing

Methoda’s experience in many organizations proves that a professional and orderly testing system is a prerequisite for the quality of service and products, compliance with standards and binding regulations, and promotes customer satisfaction.

Software Testing workshop

Testing management is an integral part of quality management and accompanies all of the lifecycle stages of the project.

The manner in which the project is managed and its development methodology (Agile, classical development, DevOps, etc.) affect the testing process and management.

Success is dependent on a number of dimensions: adherence to the specifications, on-time delivery, delivery within the budget, and most of all, customer satisfaction.

An effective testing management system directly contributes to all of these dimensions.

  • Methoda will help you to evaluate the existing status and to develop the future testing approach that is suitable for the organization,
  • to define/improve the testing processes, based on the various development methodologies (Agile, DevOps, etc.),
  • to define the place of testing in the organization, structure the testing unit and roles,
  • to define the methodology, methods, and tools for managing, planning, executing, and concluding the tests, which includes defining responsible parties, useful templates, status reports, and executive summary reports,
  • to integrate automated testing processes and support tools, such as UFT, Zephyr, and others, optimally,
  • to embed the testing system in the work processes in the manner most effective for the organization,
  • to integrate broader issues that are related to testing, such as configuration management, error management, transfer to production, project management, etc.
  • to train, mentor, and provide workshops that are suitable to the work methods of the organization.

Advantages of Methoda

  • Methoda’s experts are familiar with many organization and have accrued extensive experience.
  • Methoda provides the type of consulting most suited to your organization.
  • Methoda is experienced at defining testing processes and teams for Agile, DevOps, classical development, and other methodologies.

Approches in Testing Planing



Testing integration in the Agile Life Cycle




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