MethodAgile 2.0

Methoda Computers is proud to present MethodAgile 2.0 – a new edition of MethodA with a special emphasis on development using Agile methods.

The Agile Model

The development of information systems using various Agile methods has long become an accepted standard in the market. This development is a flexible development process carried out in teamwork and in short rounds while adapting to the environment in a controlled manner. Agile development approach is not one systematic methodology but a set of general principles that can be implemented on a spectrum of agility according to the structure of the organization, its capabilities and type of project. Rapid development emphasizes rapid, efficient, focused and quality response. The development circles in agile development are short and open to change. The system is developed with sprints that produce functionality and products to the customer as soon as possible.

At the same time, the software industry is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of integrating elements of classical software development methodologies, including systematic start-up of the project before jumping into the water, detailed characterization, risk management, analysis of alternatives, dedicating sprints for testing, It also requires basic documentation of the system being built, in order to preserve knowledge and ensure that the project is on track and in line with the organization’s goals.


In the 12th edition of MethodA, this approach is expressed through innovative topics such as explanations of the Agile model, Component System Tree with Agile approach and unique tools for implementing MethodAgile.

Alongside these, new activities have been added to the familiar interface of MethodA regarding checklists, the expansion of active tools and a number of other improvements.

MethodAgile is a new, advanced and leading product integrating agile development, project management and support systems.



  • Management of Agile project in practice
  • Position holders – responsibility for various positions in the Agile project
  • Types of Application Life Cycles – an explanation of the integration of Agile components in the various life cycles
  • Complementary topics – work plans, documentation, risks and more in the Agile world
  • Agile maintenance
  • User stories and requirements management in the Agile world
  • Are we ready to start? Preparation is required to manage an Agile project

Agile Component System Tree

The MethodAgile system is a unique and objective solution for documenting the design, implementation and control of information systems in general, systems developed in the Agile methodology in particular, maintaining uniformity throughout development (and maintenance) And management of changes. The system documentation using the Agile system tree starts at the initiation stage, continued with the high-level design and rapid development, through testing, configuration management and moving to production environment. At the basis of the method is the principle of rolling and asymmetrical documentation, in accordance with the needs of the project and the decisions of the organization

Project Management with Atlassian tools

Implementing the Agile principles using the Agile methodology requires the use of computed tools for the management of development processes, focusing on the basic processes, best practices, for the implementation of MethodAgile using the products of Atlassian – Jira, Confluence and other tools


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