Management of Safety Systems

Methoda offers a safety and environmental protection management system, based on Atlassian JIRA. The system serves as a solution for managing all of the safety and environmental issues in the organization

 Effective planning and management of organizational safety and environmental protection processes ensures appropriate, continous and effective operation of the organization and cost savings, by reducing the number of organizational safety events, risks, and hazards, under the control of the organization.

Methoda offers a safety and environmental protection management system, based on Atlassian JIRA. The system serves as a solution for managing all of the safety and environmental inssues in the organization, or alternately provides a solution to some of the safety and environmental issues (modular implementation), customizing the solution to the needs of the organization.

The system for managing safety, hygiene, and environmental protection, provides a solution for digital management of the organizations safety program, according to the guidelines of the Work Supervision Association (Safety Management Plan) – 2012, and helps the organizations safety officer to predict potentials safety failures and remedy them “before they happen”.

  • The system’s capabilities and range solutions support organizations with multiple sites in Israel and abroad, provide a solution for every role involved with a simple and friendly interface, enabling centralized management of all of the required activities,
  • customize according to the organization’s unique requirements, according to the organization’s safety plans and the regulatory requirements, and
  • plan and track safety inspections and surveys – preparation, approval, and distribution of survey and inspection plans digitally from a central location,
  • report and track safety and environmental events and implement measures to improve and correct them – computerized reporting of all quality, safety, and environmental events, by employees, using computerized forms that support “smart” input of the information. The solution enables categorization of the the events being reported, as required by the organization or by regulations. The data are kept in the organization’s central database for information management purposes.
  • Furthermore, the system enables the organization to manage and track reviews and investigations – plan, manage, track and execute audits and investigations on a number of issues, such as hazardous materials, employment and medical checks, equipment, reviews, and more, and
  • manage and track findings, hazards, incompatibilities, and corrective actions. Each issue managed in the system includes a tool for reporting findings and corrective actions, assigned to the responsible party. This ability enables comprehensive management from the finding or reporting to handling of the issue in one centralized location, and includes tracking the history of actions taken.
  • The solution enables the organization to plan, manage, and track safety and environmental hazards,
  • and safety commitees and management surveys,
  • objectives and KPIs,
  • trainings/courses, employee certification and refresher courses,
  • procedures, forms, rules, regulations, and standards, and implementing a “read and sign” process with employees, and
  • tracking and control, data analytics, report generation, and executive reporting. Based on the information under managmenet, the solution enables monitoring, analysis, and reporting to all management levels, development of work plans and annual safety program and other key reports, which are customized to the needs of the organization, using predefined KPIs.
  • Safe Center adheres to quality standards (9001, 14000, 18000, 22000, HACCP), safety standards, legal requirements, and insurance requirements,
  • and includes a central database for all HS data that supports centralized management and control,
  • a proactive system – detects risks and failures in order to prevent or mitigate incompatibilities and safety events, and
  • manages the flow of information of reported events, including notifying key personnel, quality managers, safety managers, and environmental manages,
  • supports full or partial implementation, according to the required modules, so that the solution can be customized for large, medium, or small organizations, with easy fast adjustments to meet the client’s needs,
  • able to interface with organizational systems, such as human resources systems, LMS systems, and ERP systems, and
  • easily and affordably implemented
  • The solution incorporates advanced technologies, based on the JIRA platform  to optimize the organization’s investment in organizational infrastructure.


The solution on JIRA



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