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The MethodA methodology in a simple structure of short check lists: activities and outputs on classic subjects of software management, development, and maintentance, and IT management in general.

The app is distributed on two levels:

  • Standard– for all users
  • Pro– for registered MethodA subscribers

  • The check lists include the suite of activities that comprise the process,
  • the outputs provided at each stage,
  • an executive summary on the subject,
  • the subject manual, as appears in the MethodA methodology,
  • in the Pro version, you can download MethodA templates directly from Methoda’s servers to the user’s mobile phone.

At the top of the lists, you’ll see the universal System Component Tree to make it easier to recognize the outputs referenced in the various lists.

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The app is currently in alpha version, exclusively for Android OS. It is available for download from the Google Play google-play-badge-120

System Component Tree

The system component tree is the documentation and knowledge management guide for every output and primary document in MethodA. The branches of the system tree are the components of the software's product tree and are fixed throughout the lifcycle of the project.

Project Initiation

Initiation is the initial stage in which a basic demand is raised for a project, new system or significant change in the existing system.

System Analysis

The definition of the system's characteristics and the needs: the business need, the essence of the application, the necessary technology, the manner in which it will be implemented, and the estimated costs of the system.


Agile development is a flexible and agile process with an emphasis of joint work in small teams, preference of working software over comprehensive documentation, sharing with clients over contracts, and flexibility to changes over sticking to a preset plan.

Request For Proposals

Request for proposal is a request made to suppliers to receive offers in the area of IT: hardware, software, services, etc. The art of the RFP phase is to incorporate ordered procedures with professionalism and speed.

System Testing

System tests are carried out throughout the entire lifecycle and their goal is to ensure the reliability and normal function of the sytem. Agile development emphasizes tests that are integrated in the development and use of automatic testing tools.

Design and Build

The design and build phase converts the requirements and characterization to engineering sturctures that establish the configuration of the system and facilitate the coding process. In 'classical' development the design and build phase comes after the characterization has been completed. In agile development, design is integrated dynamically with coding.

Installation and tranfer to production

What are the activities and outcomes that are required to install the new version of the system and transfer it to production.

Risk Management

Risk management is the primary tool for locating and dealing with vulnerabilities and potential failures that may cause significant abberations from the timetable, cost, and content of the project, and may even lead to the termination and failure of the project.

Cost Estimation

Estimating the cost of the project is one of the toughest tasks in project management and development (including upgrade) of the software systems. The following list will help you to check whether the important system cost components have been taken into account.

Meetings management

How do we turn the costly resource that is meetings and discussion into an effective and efficient device for managing the project and to keep it from devolving into a black that swallows managers and professionals precious time in the project.

Implementation and training

Primary activities and tasks necessary for an orderly implementation of the system, including meaningful new versions, and including training and guidance for users.

Alternatives Analysis

At important decision points during the project it is important to select alternatives and courses of action, from acquiring the right software and tools to different methods for managing the project. The followinglist will help you to evaluate the alternatives quickly and effectively.


Reviews are an important tool for ensuring the quality of the product and for approving continued development. Carrying out reviews and reflections, of various types, can bring to light problems and gaps, from architechture to code, at critical project junctions. In Agile development several special sprints are dedicated to carrying out reviews.


Outsourcing is a contractual relationshiop between the organization and a provider, in which the provider to operate and manage (and even develop) key IT systems in the organization.


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