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Jira and Confluence Cloud Migration

Methoda has a team of experts for migrating Jira and Confluence to the Atlassian Cloud.

Our team ensures a smooth professional migration utilizing our extensive migration experience and quality-first approach.

Choosing the ideal cloud migration approach for your organization:

  • One Shot – Convert all of your tools and move them to the cloud all at once. This approach requires thorough preparation, planning and coordination. It may take longer to complete than other methods, but it ensures that your complete ALM stack is aligned all at once with no communication barriers. 
  • Gradual – Migrate one project at a time, one team at a time, or even one tool at a time – to the new cloud. This approach allows you to experience the cloud platform with minimal risks and may be better aligned to your business needs.
  • Start Fresh – Create a new environment to serve your teams with no migration. This approach maximizes your ability to use new cloud tools and provides the fastest TTM with the lowest investment.


How we do it?

  • Discovery – analyze your current server tools in terms of data, add-ons, development and configurations.
  • Define security measures and align them with your security team.
  • Define the new cloud experience utilizing new capabilities and cloud-only features.
  • Define the optimal migration approach and technical migration path for each of your server products.
  • Perform test migration and customers’ acceptance.
  • Plan production migration, timelines, communication, and implementation support through stabilization.

License Optimization

While migrating your Jira and Confluence to the cloud we can provide our expert advice on maximizing your licensing plan, choosing between Standard, Premium and Enterprise levels, defining user tiers, monthly or yearly subscriptions, and maximizing Atlassian discounts based on your current licensing models.

Atlassian guide: Migrate from server to cloud

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