RTL for Confluence

RTL for Confluence is an app for Confluence Server and Data Center.

Its goal is to provide RTL support for Confluence users whose language is written from right to left.

RTL for Confluence allows users to write content in any RTL language: Hebrew and Arabic. It is used by thousands of users worldwide.

RTL for Confluence gives confluence users the ability to manage their writing direction in either right-to-left or left-to-right order, considering the alignment. The app supports text containing words or phrases in different directions (RTL and LTR).

This app adds directionality buttons to the Confluence editor toolbar:

When selecting a direction, the corresponding alignment button is also activated

When RTL for Confluence is installed:

  • Page title is centered, to fit both RTL and LTR directions
  • Cursor alignment is affected by the direction of the document. When the document is right-to-left, the cursor is located at the far right of the page and vice versa.
  • Confluence task list macro, with the ability to give each task an assignee and due date (in use in Meeting Notes template, under Action Items section) fits both RTL and LTR directions
  • Simple lists, bulleted lists, numbered lists and mixed lists are either RTL or LTR
  • Tab key on the keyboard as well as indent/outdent toolbar buttons responses the document direction.

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